Ferrous 1/8" metal TCG 7 1/4 X

Product #: DIABLO.D0748F


  • Laser cut stabilizer vents trap noise and vibration keeping it cool and reducing blade warp
  • Triple Chip Grind (TCG) Tooth Design for longer cutting life in metal and clean, chip-free cuts
  • Made with Freud's TiCo Hi-Density Carbide specifically designed for metal cutting
  • Tri-metal shock resistant brazing allows carbide tips to withstand extreme impact for maximum durability
  • Laser cut arbor for accurate blade rotation reducing vibration and premature wear
  • Perma-Shield Non-Stick Coating reduces friction, heat build up which adds to longer blade life
  • Tool Use: Circular Saw
  • Ideal for:Steel Studs, Angle Iron*, Flat Bar*, Channel*, EMT Conduit, All-thread**
    Note: Note: *Mild Steel only - 1/4" max. wall thickness **Mild steel only - 1" max diameter